About us

We are a consulting, development and brokerage firm focusing on

  • Mines and metallurgy, with a specialisation in industrial minerals, critical raw materials, rare earths, gold & nickel ores
  • Energy, with emphasis on energy crises, energy transition, energy/climate interface, renewables, emissions trading and shale oil & gas [more]
  • Infrastructure



The company was founded in 2005 by Vasili Nicoletopoulos. Our clients and projects are in a vast selection of countries, including the USA, Spain, Germany, Austria, Turkey, Eastern Europe, countries of the former Soviet Union, Australia, China and Greece.

Projects include specialised studies on technical - economical matters, e.g. investment feasibility studies and financing, and in European Union affairs such as Fit for 55, Emissions Trading Systems, anti-dumping, China Market Economy Status, EU funding, Horizon 2020, R&D programs, REACH, IUCLID,  etc.