Energy (cont.)

We deal with the following technologies:

• Wind
• Photovoltaic
• Solar Thermal
• Small-scale Hydroelectric
• Geothermal
• Biofuels
• Biomass

We specialize in:

• The exploitation of renewable energy sources with the above technologies
• Minimized energy consumption in office complexes, hotels, hospitals, etc, though correct use of lighting, air-conditioning, heating, ventilation, hot water, energy loads management, BMS, etc
• CHP (Combined Heat and Power)
• Natural gas
• Energy production and Management
• Bioclimatic / energy-efficient building design
• Certification of energy efficiency of buildings

Our services include the following:

• Feasibility studies
• Energy studies
• Energy efficiency studies for new buildings
• Energy inspections of various types of buildings (including industrial installations, etc)
• Renewable energy sources projects licensing (Production License, Environmental Terms Approval, Installation License, Operation License)
• Preparation and Submission of RES investment plans for obtaining government funding from various grant programs
• RES project implementation studies
• Design optimization for RES projects
• Construction supervision
• Project Management
• Construction of RES projects
• Energy Projects Commissioning
• Support during the process of connection to the National Power Grid
• Monitoring and maintenance of RES projects
• Consulting services in energy matters
• Preparation of contracts for selling electric energy